If you're planning on voting for Trump in 2020, is it because:?

A. You would do anything to prevent a democrat in office B. You believe Trump is the best thing for America C. (Fill in the blank)


Anyone who still supports the orange moron is either delusional, a brainwashed Fox viewer or a Russian.

Pearl L

probably not to be honest


No, I'm not voting for Trump. I don't know how we could ever get anyone worse than Trump, whether it be Republican or Democrat.

Oh boy

A- I once was a democrat and seen how corrupt, evil that party is. I will never vote Dems again.


C. We need more leftist heads to explode.


Only fools would be planning on voting for him again Every friend and family member who did vote for him have vowed never again and have frequently asked God for forgiveness for their sin of voting for him last time


B. The economy has improved, taxes are lower, terrorism is down, North Korea tensions are eased. I’m building a small business and it’s been great.

Knightingale: C

C: The other option sucks worse than he does just like it did this time so I will just go with the lesser evil.


B. I believe under Trump the economy is better, and he is working to make America safer. Toward that goal, he apparently has had some productive talks with North Korea and he is working on border security will also help, and over the long run be cost effective. Trump negotiates from a position of strength, refusing to allow our country to be taken advantage of. This sometimes hurts feelings, but those seeking to gain an advantage over us will hesitate. This is true whether the negotiations are in the area of economics or security. Whether it involves finance or military power, it is best to negotiate from a position of strength. I heard it described like this. In school, would a bully be more likely to pick on someone bigger and stronger than him, or someone weaker? Peace comes when you negotiate from a position of strength. If the opponent perceives weakness on your part, they will try to take advantage. That being said, I believe Trump also needs to work on his negotiating skills in that he sometimes comes across as a bully. Sometimes he tries to argue from strength in situations where cooperation may yield better results. When both sides are seeking what is best for America, yet have different concepts about how it should be achieved, negotiations may require different tactics than when dealing with an enemy. Everything does not have to be a battle. It takes some discernment to know what methods to use with different types of negotiations.