Is Maduro a snapshot of the next Democrat President of the United States?


David S

Hardly, LOL. He's the exact opposite.


Maduro is a grifter like Trump. Still, no reason to invade. Did Iraq pay for itself as Dick Cheney stated? Will Venezuela, if we violate international law and steal their oil? Will Iran? The Koch type petrol-billionaires love using the US military as their muscle and letting the American taxpayer pick up the tab of blood and gold.

Max Hoopla

No but thanks for asking.

Les Than Spam

no, but you kind of smell like a paid posters

Doc Awesome

Absolutely. He what the democrats dream of. They are even rushing to his defense against Trump.


Nope. The people are defeating you.

Justin Thyme

The Democrats have moved way too far to the left, it will be their undoing.


Nope he's a lot like Trump, both are destroying their country


No but he is a snapshot of the newly elected Dems in the House.


For the 1000th time... Democrats don't want the US to be anything like Venezuela. I know you much you folks cling to your puppet masters' every word but you need to come back to reality. Not that it'll just ask the same stupid question again in an hour.

Elwood Blues

Nope. Thanks for the two points though!

The Taxpayer

very accurate.