Do you believe in diplomacy with north korea?



If it avoids getting you killed in a nuclear holocaust, why not?


Diplomacy is always the preferable option. However, the Kim family has repeatedly shown that they will only negotiate to the extent required to get China to ease off on sanctions. However, those negotiations will never progress beyond vague statements of goals to an actual agreement (unlike the successful negotiations with Iran). North Korea will only actually denuclearize if the U.S. withdraws from South Korea (as a prelude to North Korea invading South Korea).

Jeff D

Yes; as long as we're not paying them to sit down and talk to us.


Always give it a good try, but with Kim, who knows whether he can be trusted. The way his people are being downtrodden suggests he is devious and not going to change.


Real peace always works. It's the way. May all realize these right now.


Sure, but carry a big stick.


On the surface - so NK can 'save face'. But the underlying message has to be, "Step out of line and NK will be annihilated'.