Do you think socialisms is the future of humanity?


Justin Thyme

In Europe they are moving away from socialism because it is bankrupting them.


Socialism has no future. So it can not be a future for humanity.




Death from global warming is probably our future.

Global Warming Cure

Yes, once 6 Billion Useless Eaters are gone. Ever seen the movie Artificial Intelligence? That was a post-apocalpytic movie, and that's where we're heading. Only the elite will survive in their bunkers and they will resurrect into eternal life via Transhumanism. Depopulation needs to happen to prevent runaway climate change. The elites will live happily ever after in their Antarctica bunkers.

Albert Wesker

Social Democracy is.


do you think you are going to get popular trolling yahoo answers every day?


After global warming has taken its toll -- let's see where we're at then


Mass starvation, mass criminality by government, environmental disaster, enforced poverty, sickness, death - what are you, nuts?

Moon Shot

No. This is what a lot of nations thought at the beginning and middle of the 20th cnetury. Those nations all implemented socialism and it failed them and their people. Not sure why the left keeps dreaming of it.


Totalitarianism will be. Brought about by various "isms" from various camps, L or R. The young are naive and fall for the lies of the extremes.

John M

It is the downfall of humanity.


It is the present. Social security, universal health care and welfare are socialist policies, and a lot of countries have that already. Socialism means sharing benefits and expenses. Socialism does not mean that governmet owns everything. Socialism does not mean dictatorship or totalitarianism either. If we do not share expenses, nothing gets built. The Golden Gate Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Interstate highways, and airports for example cannot be build without socialism. The US cannot go to Mars or the Moon without socialism because no capitalist is going to waste money going to the moon, since it does not make them any money. There is nothing in capitalism that forbids social security, medicare, welfare or universal health care. Fascists do not like these things, but fascism is not capitalism. Fascism is simply the desire to make the rich richer even if it hurts the poor. Capitalism does not look down on the poor nor does it require capitalists to oppress the poor. Fascists do that. Many Republicans are fascists, and they mistakenly think that they are capitalists.


Capalalism has been a dismal failure so some sort of mix is


Don't think so. Pure capitalism is still better than pure socialism. But maybe there will be some elements/ideas from socialism that could be added to our capitalist system.