If government shutdown but border security can shut the border or let them in?

I m having plan go to Canada later this month, unfortunate i heard about the nasty thing... I want go to Canada for vacation. Will they inspect my stuff before entering Canada or just go in? Not sure how it work but my first time.


The military doesn’t take off if the government shut down.


It would be the US, not the Canadian government that's "shutting down" and in fact only about 5% of the US government isn't considered "essential" workers who still have to stay in place. It's not like this whole shut down thing hasn't happened dozens of times over the past decade.

Rona Lachat

Can Canadian Border officials search your stuff.? YES. Most are not searched. When you return to USA US officials can search also if they want to. Canadian officials DO NOT have to let you enter for many reasons. MOST pass with ease. WHY do you expect to have an a problem? Whether you're returning home or visiting, an informed and prepared traveller crosses the border with fewer delays.

Curtis 1911

Even when the government shuts down,,,,, 85% of the government is not shut down. Yeah I have been thru Canada customs several times and they are very strict. The guy looked at my red eyes and said if I find one marijuana seed in this vehicle you will be going to jail.


Just follow their rules