Politically speaking, do you agree with my idea for stopping trolls who move questions to bogus categories?

"Moving questions to different categories to retaliate/hide questions" "My suggestion is that people who currently have the authority can still move a question that is in an incorrect category, but if the OP moves it back, then, that question is locked into that category."


No, because some people purposely put their own question in the wrong category, so the OP isn't inherently right and it should not get locked into the wrong category by the OP moving it back after someone was simply trying to be helpful and move a question to the right place if that's why they moved it...


YA speaking, whether anyone agrees or not doesn't change the fact that it's not possible to lock questions in place and we don't know if it ever will be. All we can do for now, is keep moving misplaced questions back where they belong.


well rest assured bucko Yahoo will get right on that.

35th is Best

That's a good idea. That means it won't happen.


Politically speaking? I don't understand. How about realistically speaking?


No, because politically, trolls are unstoppable.

John W

This should not be in politics.


WHO is going to code those computer programs. YOU? It took Yahoo 6 years to give us reversible thumbs up and down. Politically speaking, I am neutral anf impartial.

The Oracle of Omigod

Well, what is an OP? Frankly I don't know why I should be allowed to move questions.


That would be better than the way things are now, definitely.

Toni Parr

Good idea


Very good idea