What would happen if Israel dropped a nuke on the Gaza Strip?

If I were leader of Israel I would just level the entire Gaza Strip and ignore the U.N. and destroy all the terrorists in the Gaza Strip lead by Hamas. For too long Hamas has been refusing peace and fire rockets into Israel. We made peace with Japan in 1945 should Israel do the same?.


Most Israelis would die from the fall-out.


For one thing, half of Israel would be wiped out because the square milage of this entire region is about the size of New Jersey and there would be no safe place to hide from such a blast. Then there's the UN's ability to send in troops, which no nation would want to see.


why would Israel drop a nuke right on their own border, where most of the fallout would land on Israel? gaza strip is only 3 to 6 miles wide



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It will be a global proxy war for resources between the West and East. Israel is strongly sided with NATO and have huge political leverage in the middle east. Arab Countries are sided with the East.


They would be committing genocide.


Lots and lots of people die.

Captain Anchovy

so itd be OK by you if Russia had kept all of east germany etc. after WW2 ?

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Yeah, this makes me think you're retarded as the Gaza Strip is three to seven miles wide. Oh and because Gaza was conquered by Israel, fifty years ago. It has been ruled by Israel since then, so this is like claiming America should bomb Japan today.


The radiation would drift on the wind into Israel and the number of Israelis killed or irradiated would be more than the number of terrorists in Gaza. Not a good plan.

4WD Greg

I think Israel has already made peace with Japan.


In that case you are a retarded idiot. 1. Not everyone in Gaza are terrorists. In fact the vast majority are not. A nuclear attack would be a horrific act of genocide. 2. Gaza is so close to Israel that if Israel tried to nuke it, they may as well be nuking themselves. The radiation and radioactive materials would inevitably spread all over Israel.

Mark IX

I'm pretty sure Israel is at peace with Japan. That said it didn't exist in '45, so maybe not.