Did the framers of the Constitution have the foresight to put in the 2nd Amendment in order to protect us from liberalism?



The same group back then as to what liberals are today. The world except for the USA always consisted of a group of elites who had it all and excluded everybody else. They ran everything. The current liberals are the same thing in various variations. For example the communists, socialists, environmentalists, global warmists, have that basic structure. A group of elites who regulate everyone else for their own good. Of course the elites live superior lives and the rules do not apply to them. By putting a gun in the hands of everyone else, the elites have never been able to take total control of the government.


they had the foresight to put in the constitution that we have a right to be secure in our persons and property .. taxes more or less make a person 'not' secure in anything lol ... taxes are how liberals want to steal your property and give it to themselves so they dont have to be productive .. .. truth is in a fiat currency economy we need ZERO taxes to fund a goddam thing .. if congress controlled the supply and minting of money for the countrys benefit they could simply print what it needed .. but we allow a 'for profit' bank to control everything .. taxes are designed to steal your sht ..


They expected at the time for fellow Americans to defend their country not shoot each other like today


no, they didn't.

jack of all trades

No! Don't forget, the framers of the Declaration of Independence and of the Constitution would have been considered left wing radicals of their time. They favored the overthrow of the constituted government by force and violence. I thing the 2nd amendment is to protect the populace from tyrannical, self aggrandizing leaders from establishing a dictatorship.

Atheist Dude

They do.

Moon Shot

They were intelligent enough to know that liberal should in America would abandon this nation in their desire to make us socialist.


Yes, they knew someday the leftist globalist tyrants would come to enslave us to their Satanic ideology. We must be prepared to fight for our freedom.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No This is just you knowing your arguments are weak trying to bolster them by attributing them to others. Give up loser.

John W

It was put in because there was no standing army at the time.

Mike L

No, from the government itself.

Spirit of All

We will use the second amendment to protect ourselves from conservatives who want to limit our rights and expel us.


They were liberals too.


They intended it to only apply to "well-regulated militias." That was the interpretation of it all the way up until 2008 when the Supreme Court said it applies to any individual.,