Is Canada as politically divided as the United States?


Vincent G

Not as much, while ironically Canada's political spectrum is wider than the US.


No, Canadians don't really care about things. They also don't have as much corruption and partisanship. They have 4-5 main political parties. Harder to control people when they're not polarized between just two parties. In America it's like a magnet, you either get pulled left or pulled right.


I dont think so. I lived there for a while and they seem to want unity and peace in Canada.


Nope, The Queen won't allow it. They know that no government Lasts long enough, so they don't have the vicious squabbles of the small minded Americans, who believe that everyday the Country will be Ruined if the "right" people are not in office. And every year the Americans elect a new bunch of Do-Nothing Fools to maintain the Status Quo. When a Do-Something person gets in high office they RIOT or go to war. Blame it on Lincoln, he started it. To much power in the Federal Government.


We don't have the anger /racism you do. We do have disagreements between provinces.


Canada is as close to a totally Socialist entity as it can be. Geographic land mass larger then the US. But a Population of less than 40 million people. Including bears and moose.


Nope, people who criticize the government are promptly arrested, so no discord there.

Chicken Wing

Yes but government censorship is horrid up there.


Yes very much so. Trudeau is making it worse . He is building walls within Canada figurally Can’t wait for this October so he can be voted out.