Isn't Trumps denial of his intelligence denials a flagrant admission that the USA is in deep sh*t?


Justin Thyme

You just hate him.


Trumpsters wont see it that way.


Given that the President does not understand climate change and WANTED global warming for the USA according to a tweet sent by him, yes, the USA is being run by a moron. And yes, this is not good for the USA.


No, just that Trump lives entirely in the imaginary world in his head.


It's an admission that a huge part of the population is hugely upset with it's two political parties & the direction of the country.

Mike L

His election as president was admission of that.

Max Hoopla

It's proof that Trump is full of it.

Truth is within you

If you judge the US by what President Trump says, you've fallen for his charade, which isn't intentional on his part.