Why are there so many poor in America, even working people?



Because a tiny minority own the means of production and monopolise most of the wealth. Because workers have to sell their ability to work and can often do so only for very low wages.


Constant warfare. 1%er CEOs de-industrialized the country, forgetting the workers were the customers. Libertarian "**** everyone else" attitudes.


It's because salaries have remained about the same in many cases, while costs have gone up. People are expected to work longer hours for the same or less money. People are disposable and can always be replaced. Tax breaks and loopholes for the rich ensure that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Robert B.

So many poor with cars, color TVs cell phones, etc. You are hardly poor by world standards if you live in the USA with all the benefits the government hands out. Try being poor in a county like Mexico.


Greed of the powerful financial elites

Christian sinner

The Democratic Party. I lived in Orange County California for years and it was never like this. That was about 10 years or so ago. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45qSj4_DVxs


Because as a nation we do not care about the rights and interests of working people..we only care that we keep our rich people even richer. We have an entire polititcal party, the Republicans, that are dedicated to keeping it that way.


Define poor. Those with $600 phones and with a leased Lexus but don't have money to take their kid to a doctor?


it all depends on how you define "poor"


Because your politicians are too busy sticking their nose into other countries business and making them poor, than bothering to look after its own people.




There hasn't been enough demand for labor in many years. Wages are very depressed.


Most people in the US have no idea what poor is. The so called poor in the US live better then 70% of the rest of the world

Pearl L

nnaybe cause things cost a lot here


This is the direct result of Illegal Aliens and Globalization. Particularly, in the auto repair and construction business. The US did just fine before outsourcing due to NAFTA and Bush Jr/ Slick Willy's infinite wisdom. Every country has some protectionist laws and the US needs some too. BTW---Don''t give me "Illegal Aliens pay taxes"....they are always a negative drain on our economy costing US billions more than they can ever produce in ten lifetimes.


most US problems can be traced back to illegal invaders.


Lots of reasons. Interesting that nearly 30% don't have a high school diploma. Only 5% are college graduates. Illegal immigrants, high school dropouts, and those that make bad life choices I suspect. They used to be able to get a good paying job @ the factory. But we've shipped most of those overseas to the low cost countries, in the name of globalization.

Donnie Doom

Because of the high taxes on the rich, this causes the prices of food, rent, and pretty much everything that people need and use, to sky-rocket. We can help the poor by cutting taxes on the rich, and by cutting government spending.