Can illegal immigrant just swim around border?

all these immigrant go over border but I’m gonna go around the wall! Can I do this without get caught?


Turns out the southerly offshore flow in California makes the water bitterly cold. But Panga boats arrive off the shores of San Diego County every day. The dumb ones manage to land on the beaches of Camp Pendleton, the biggest USMC base on the west coast. The Marines cooperate with ICE even though no other jurisdiction in the state does.


ask the illegals that's already here

ibu guru

Swim with the sharks. If they don't getcha, the Coast Guard will, or the Border Patrol boats.


that nnight be hard to do since you could drown while trying to do that


Not in the ocean that's well patrolled, but they do come by boat around it and swimming or walking across the Rio Grand. Flying and coming through ports of entry is very common.