Can someone travel to another country for a visit if he seeks asylum in France?



If there is no offical status recognised in France, ie 'applying for asylum' without you being accepted ( or denied) as such then leaving the country to visit elsewhere would normally mean the asylum claim would be cancelled, which means you would not be allowed to return to France after your visit...... so you would need to speak to immigration in France before you travel anywhere


Generally, leaving a country will terminate an asylum claim; although the Schengen zone is supposed to be border free, in fact checks are made at many borders specifically looking for migrants. Having said that, if an asylum seeker is removed back to a country where he has an asylum claim, that country will still be obligated to assess the claim. If the asylum seeker becomes an accepted refugee, they may be able to apply to the host country for a refugee travel document, similar to a passport. Not all countries accept these for travel, and many will require a vIsa. Visiting other countries would not affect refugee status. However, on applying for permanent residence it may be necessary to show you have been living in the host country.

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Of course you can go elsewhere. You cannot apply for asylum - that's a one-shot deal with no second chance to apply again elsewhere. Departing France ends your asylum application case.

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yes , that's the very reason they seek asylum in the first place