Diploma verification for non US citizen?

I am currently an H1B visa holder planning to return to China. Before my trip, I would like to get my academic diploma certified by the Embassy of China so I can use it in my home country. Per the Embassy, part of the procedures is to get the diploma verification from the Secretary of the State of New Jersey after the diploma is notarized by Notary Public. 1) could you confirm if your office will handle my request after the diploma is notarized by Notary Public? If so, what is the process in detail? 2) could you let me know where to find the Notary Public? Can I got to general notary service in NJ or is there an assigned place to visit for notary? Thank you. I appreciate if you can get back to me at your earliest convenience!

ibu guru

Only China's requirements matter in this instance - follow their instructions. As for finding a notary public, your bank likely has one and banks typically provide this service for free to existing customers. Otherwise, you will pay the notary fee.