How do I get my wife and 2 children citizenship they are from mexico she is here on a visit veza?



You have to sponsor her. So minimum earning requirements to sponsor her and extra for the kids. If she is only in the country on a tourist visa, she needs to return home before it expires. Her being in the country illegally on an expired visa, won't do your case any good.


She and the kids go home........ if they are your kids you apply for them to get a passport as they are also same citizenship as you........... if they are her kids you need to be working and earning enough to sponsor all three and they need to enter on that visa

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You can't. First, she must return home. No change of status from tourist visa. Then, if you meet all requirements earning enough to support self, all dependents, plus your spouse & her 2 kids, and have a suitable home for them in the US, file a petition for a spouse visa. IF you are the father of the kids, and you were a US citizen at the time of their birth, you needed to register birth to American citizen while abroad when they were born, prove your US citizenship & that you met US residency requirements. If you were not married at the time of their birth, you also need to prove paternity (DNA tests all around). Then get them US passports as they are US citizens by birth, and then they can join you in US at any time. Only if they are her kids by some other father(s), or you were not a US citizen at time of their birth, would you have to sponsor their immigration along with the mother's. IF your wife overstays her tourist visa, or has ever committed any visa/immigration violations, you can move to Mexico & live with her there.


They go home You sponsor visas for them to join you Citizenship is then several years down the line

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You can't. You can sponsor them for green cards, but you can't do anything about citizenship. Fill out form I-130 for them, after they return home to Mexico. It will take up to one year for them to be interviewed, get medical exams, and be granted a visa. Once they have their visa, then can enter the US to live permanently.


move to Mexico with her


If you were a US citizen at the time your children were born they're already US citizens and would need only US passports to move to the US. For your wife, after she goes home you'd file the petition to sponsor her and she'd be processed in Mexico. She get a green card and after three years could choose to apply for naturalization.

capitalgentleman: Follow the instructions given on the website

Follow the instructions given on the website: How to do it is all there.