If someone gets the US citizenship by naturalization then they can call themselves Americans?



Yes. And they have all of the same rights as born-Americans, except they can't become President.

ibu guru

All US citizens - US-born or naturalized - are citizens and commonly call themselves Americans. Citizenship is citizenship, no difference in how it was obtained, and no difference in the obligations & rights of citizenship.


Yes off course, but as they're not natural-born citizens, they cannot be President of the U.S.




Yes, of course.


Yes. That is how most Americans became Americans. My family came in though New York in 1900.


I don't live in America nor have I ever visited there but still consider myself American. USA USA USA!

Warren T



Sure, because that is what they are. I call myself Canadian, because I became one shortly before my 14th birthday. I've been one ever since, and I'm nearly 60 now.






Yes especially as they often know more about this country than those " born " within its borders.


Yes. Most identify themselves as being from both countries.

Godless Gazoo



That is correct


LOL. A piece of paper means nothing at all. I have never even been to America and have no desire to go there, but I am more American than a significant percentage of the actual American population. Not because of piece of paper that says I am "American". Because I understand what America was founded on and what it can still be again.


"Can"? The SHOULD. They are American. Every bit as much as a native born citizen, with the exception of becoming President. Someone takes the time and effort to come here the right way, and follow the rules. They deserve all the respect one can offer them. They earned it.


Yes they can call thieirselves Americans, but what is your question?


They can call themselves whatever they like. But the definition of who's "American" varies greatly depending on whom you ask. To some only Native Americans are "American". To others anyone who happens to be standing on US soil is "American". And to the rest of the planet anyone from any nation in The Americas is "American".

Brother Hesekiel

Well, anybody can call themselves anything, including Emperor of Planet Earth of bad-a** muthafocker, but someone who is a US citizen is indeed an American, which is the short form of citizen of the United States of America.

W.T. Door

Yes. The USA is the only country on the planet where citizenship and national identity are not based on territory or the historical rule of a royal family. Being an American is a state of mind, and one > IS an American < they day they naturalize (unless their application for citizenship is fraudulent and they are actually a saboteur). One of the reasons so many people want to emigrate to the USA is that one's past status in their home country ceases to be relevant once they are an American. For example, in most of the world someone who is from a country like India will still be viewed as being Indian + being of a particular caste no matter how long they live in the new country, and their descendants will continue to be viewed as being Indians for generations. Not true in the USA.