How can a Haitian citizen get a Haitian passport?



Haiti's passport problems, which Haiti's president promised to address last year, are all too familiar to those who have tried to get one. The process requires documents from four Haitian government agencies. The Directorate of Immigration and Emigration, which issues Haiti's passports, often is plagued by a shortage of booklets, sometimes because the Haitian government has fallen behind on a payment to the German company that produces them. The same company also provides the printers in Port-au-Prince and Washington, D.C, which are the only two places where passports are processed. So it seems you need to apply to Directorate of Immigration and Emigration likely via Port-au-Prince or Washington, D.C


I've searched the internet extensively and can't find information about where a Haitian should apply for a passport.

ibu guru

Apply for it with proof of Haitian citizenship & payment of required fees through Haiti's passport office/authorities, of course. See Haiti's passport office website for forms, instructions, fees, etc.


From their government, like citizens of any other country.


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