Why can't we just build a better healthcare system with medicare for all and make Mexico pay for it?


ibu guru

US has not yet gotten Mexico to pay for medical care for Mexicans who come to US for health care, then refuse to pay their bills. Mexican consulates will not even assist Mexican citizens in transferring funds from their own funds in Mexico or from relatives - and that's one of the main jobs of any consulate, help its citizens, e.g. transfer funds if they run out of money. US health care, especially hospital bills, would not be so expensive if illegal aliens paid their own bills instead of costs being shifted onto paying (i.e. American) patients.


Only an uneducated idiot would even think that is possible


I hope you are not making the same mistake as trump by not asking the Mexicans about it first before you make claims they will pay for it . I have a feeling they would say no again .


sadly....this is actually the level of "thinking" behind those who promote such things in real life...




Cost of Mexican goods has already sky rocketed, how high do you want them?