How do you move to the U.K. from ‘Merica?

I’m 30, white male, from the United States, no criminal record. I’ll keep it short. I hate the United States. We’re the only ones who drive on the right, we don’t use the metric system, everyone’s racist, everyone’s fat, everyone’s an idiot, our president is mentally handicapped for ***** sake. I’ve always wanted to move to the U.K. I’m drawn to the music coming from the U.K., I even buy candy from the U.K. regularly online lol It’s hard to explain, I just feel like that’s where I should be. But all the reading I’ve done, it seems like the visas are for spouses, investors, students, and so on. What about people who just simple want to live in the U.K.? What’s the process to go through to legally live and work in the U.K.?

Donald K

Are you trolling? Most of the world drives on the right. The UK is the exception.


Basically the UK has the same paranoia about immigration as other countries. It is extremely difficult unless you fit into a specified category. Have you visited? You might find that it doesn't live up to your expectations. In spite of having a turnip as president, America still has so much to offer. You have 49 other states to try. My suggestion for the UK would be to try as a student, experience the country, maybe meet someone ......




Yeah, just hating where you're from doesn't grant you any immigration advantages anywhere in the world. If buying a Cadbury's on occasion made one eligible to live in the UK pretty much everyone one I know could move there. It just doesn't work that way. However, the bar for US citizens living and working in Canada is significantly lower than for same trying to immigrate to Britain. So see if your occupation is on the TN list and maybe you could try that instead.


You need a work visa. Take a look at the UK government website to see if you meet any of the requirements to qualify.

Lisa A

There are no 'want to' visas in any country.


There are no visas for 'want' and without the high level STEM degree and years of work experience AND an employer who offers you a job and is registered to sponsor a work visa it is not possible


There are no options for people who just want to live there. You need to be a student, a spouse, a management level employee transferred by your US employer to their UK office, a skilled worker whose job is listed on the Shortage Occupation List or an investor. That's it The UK has no need for anyone else.

Andre Pettersson

Start a company and create local jobs.


Unfortunately, unless you are a multi-millionaire, then you can't just 'move' to live in another country.... so your options are marriage to a UK citizen or being offered a job by a UK company (a job that no UK citizen can do - these tend to be high level STEM jobs) However, a bit confused by your comment about America being the only country that drives on the right. 99% of countries drive on the right, although your other comments have a ring of truth about them ! LOL


UK Immigration has a website.