How to work as a PTA in Canada?

I am a licensed PT educated outside Canada. I want to work as a PTA but I don't know where to start. Does Canada requires credentialing and licensure exam for PTAs? I am from Philippines by the way.

ibu guru

Your foreign physical therapy credentials are not acceptable in Canada. Nor are you qualified to work as a physical therapy assistant. Physical therapy requires DPT degree (doctor of physical therapy) from a graduate school of physical therapy accepted by the Canadian govt, plus licensing exams. Assistants are not commonly used in Canada, but would also require specific training as an assistant, plus licensing. You cannot work in Canada.


Parent Teacher Association? Philippine Taekwondo Association? If you need licening in Canada then it needs to be done in Canada clearly you use one from the Philippines


You will have to explain what "PTA" means. In Canada, we use those letter to me "Parent Teacher Association," which are groups of parents working with schools. It might also be a Physical Therapy Assistant, but, usually we have licensed Physical Therapists, not assistants.