Should immigrants be barred from collecting any welfare?



obviously not, even having this debate is ridiculous

熊冰冰: Short answer

Short answer: no. Immigrants who are legal permanent residents or citizens should be eligible for whatever the locals are eligible for.


In the UK, only permanent residents or British /Irish citizens can get benefits. Two exceptions: European citizens can get benefits under reciprocal arrangements with the other EU countries, which are about to end; and asylum seekers get support because they are not allowed to work before their cases are decided, while those given refugee status are considered as if permanent residents.

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Under public charge laws, any immigrant who applies for or uses any public benefits (e.g. welfare, food stamps, etc.) - or who is AT RISK of becoming a public charge in the future - is permanently ineligible for citizenship, and can have visa/green card revoked with deportation/mandatory departure. Since the penalties are fairly stiff, legal immigrants tend NOT to apply for welfare. Besides, they have a sponsor who is legally obligated to support them, and their sponsor has to repay anything they might receive (with interest, penalties, court costs & legal fees, collection costs). The big problem is illegal aliens who collect welfare & other benefits. E.g. researchers have found that up to half of claimed "US-born" children of illegal aliens collecting welfare are actually identity-theft children. Parents steal SSNs & birth certificates of US-born children & claim their illegal-alien child is US-born. Of course, there is not always any actual child, just stolen, forged, or fraudulent ID for one. The money & benefits all go to the illegal alien "parent." NOTHING actually goes to any minor child. The solution is to prohibit any benefits on behalf of any minor child going to anyone but US-citizen parent or legal permanent guardian. Proof f your citizenship & that the child is really yours required! Also, prosecute any illegal alien parent who applies for or receives any benefits (whether for themselves or their supposed minor child) under those public charge laws with mandatory departure & permanent bar to reentry. Most illegal aliens who are cut off from any source of money, welfare, etc, will leave - and new ones will stop coming if they cannot get on the gravy train.


Yes. Illegal AND legal. A small social safety net for citizens only, and NOTHING more.


Illegals yes Legals no, however they must be beyond the 10 years the sponsor must pay


All welfare should be banned for everyone and not just illegal aliens.