I want to marry an American, British or Australian man?

I hate my country and I want to move. How can I do this?


No you don't want to marry such a man, you want to marry his passport and wallet. How cynical of you.

ibu guru

Too bad. Why would anyone want to marry a fraud, a user? Why would anyone spend a small fortune supporting you when you are just using them? Why would you put someone in the position of going to prison for years for marrying a user & a fraud like you? That's beyond reprehensible. That's CRUEL!


Marrying someone for a visa is illegal - it's called visa fraud. If you want to move abroad, look at visa requirements.


You can't. That is called "immigration fraud," and it is highly illegal. HUGE fines, and they kick you out of the country if you even manage to make it in. However, .... It IS possible to fall in love, and marry someone from these countries. But, it does not guarantee you can move there! I know a lady who moved to Canada from the Philippines, but, her husband could not move with her due to a medical condition. 1/4 of the people living in Canada were born overseas, so, marrying immigrants is super common there, but, NEVER for the purposes of immigration.


Go on line with your picture. There are many sites for people wanting to marry someone from another country.


If female. 1st step is to meet the man. 2nd step is to drop to your knees & give him the best sex of his life.


Clearly you are very uneducated, marrying anyone just gets you married it doesn't give you any rights to move to or live in another country.... visa fraud is what you are asking about, you will not geta visa and will be banned and they can be heavily fined and in some countries can go to prision


Go to one of the hook up websites. However, if you hook up with a serial killer, bigamist, or other nut case, that is your problem.


Americans are genuine