Is it hard for an American to move to Germany?

My boyfriend who I met at my job (I work at a hotel) is from Germany and I’ve been thinking about moving there.. but the bad thing is that I don’t speak any German so would it be hard for me to get a job? And how are their immigration laws?


If you are not married it's very difficult unless you can go on a student visa. You won't find a job if you don't speak German. Even entry level jobs still require you to speak German. The only exception seems to be a few of the tech companies if you are an experienced programmer So start taking German classes now, go visit your boyfriend, and decide whether or not you want to get married You can stay in Germany for up to 90 days without a visa. So go visit him for those 90 days and see how hard it is to get around day to day if you don't speak German. See how many people you encounter daily don't speak English, etc


Yes if you are a decent American following the Law and immigrating legitimately. It's an open door if you push your way into Germany aggressively, have no passport, and are a filthy Jihadist threatening to destroy Germany, rape Christian women and massacre Christians. Then you'd be a shoo in because Germans are suicidal idiots.


Anonymous.. think about this for a minute. You want to live in Germany and in your words..... I don’t speak any German so would it be hard for me to get a job? LOL What do YOU think ? Do you really need people here to answer that for you ? But regardless of that .. you can't just 'move to another country'.. you need to get offered work there or marry a german citizen


There are no 'I want' visas, no ' shack up with bf ' visas......... so unless your employer transfers you to work in one of their hotels in Germany it is unlikely you will

Rona Lachat

Is it hard for an American to move to Germany? YES but not impossible. I’ve been thinking about moving there. Good for you Germany is not some horrible place to move to. The bad thing is that I don’t speak any German so would it be hard for me to get a job? YES Germany in many jobs expects the employee to be able to speak the language of the work place. To communicate with the co workers and the customers. Many jobs do require English for example Air Traffic Controllers. It is not rare in Germany to find employees that speak many languages. Of course you could study German if you wanted to and some other language The borders of Germany have local customers that speak Danish, Czech,French,Dutch,and Polish. Language ability is just one of many items the employer looks for. What work skills or education do you have that Germany NEEDS. They already have a pool of about 500,000,000 to draw from. Getting married to a German citizen does help but is not a 100% Guarantee you can move in or get a job. How are their immigration laws? Like most places a little complicated. TOO MANY on the planet want to move to other countries. German officials like the officials in the USA select from the many applicants those that have the best chance for success and can eventually contribute to their new country. For you that means having a better application than Millions of others not just having a list of minimum qualifications. The German Government does have web site with the information you are looking for in the English language. You are welcome to try. It can take a year or two to process your application. The answer might be a YES Until you are approved you are not moving in and limited to about 90 days per Germany.for VISITS. No country must let YOU move in. or even enter for a visit.Take your time and READ the information on this site. READ IT AGAIN when finished. It explains the procedures and requirements. There is no 100% Guaranteed visa to move in. YOU APPLY. US citizens are a very small part of the immigrants to Germany. a general rule about age 25 with a Masters or PHD level of education and a few years of appropriate high level related work experience in something NEEDED by Germany.. This need changes year to year. Good luck the process is not very complicated. Fill in the forms and TRY. You have zero chance if you do not try.

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@ Christoph You are correct and if someone says they are an islamic terrorist who wants to be in Germany so they can murder infidels then the Left will welcome them with open arms. It is terribly hard to immigrate to Germany unless you marry a German citizen who can sponsor you. Do this: Find a German immersion language program where your BF lives and take it. If you work for one of the major hotel chains they may even give you the time off plus tuition assistance. The programs are generally 3 to 6 months and the objective is for you to be reasonably proficient by the end of the program. After living with your BF for 3 to 6 months you should also have a much better idea if things will work out for the two of you. If things don't work out then it's the way it is, but at least you will have developed a new skill that major hotel chains will highly value. If they do work out then you remaining in Germany to live with your new husband will be a lot easier if you speak German. Good luck!

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Ich kenne nicht. Das tut mir leid. Klar sollen sie deutsch lernen?


It would be impossible for you to move to Germany. Germans, perhaps unsurprisingly, speak German. If you don't - what do you imagine you'll be able to do? Quite aside from the visa requirements (which, given that Germany has an EU pool of potential workers, are high) If you marry your boyfriend, you can get a spouse visa. But your work options will still be severely limited if you can't communicate.


German immigration laws are strict and unless this guy marries and sponsors you it's unlikely there's any way for you to move there on your own. Being German fluent would be necessary but meaningless unless you also had mastery of a profession Germany is short of.

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No way you are going to Germany. To qualify for temporary employment visa, you must be fluent in German and hold advanced degrees + experience in a high-tech/STEM occupation which is needed but in short supply not just in Germany but throughout the EU. EU rules: jobs go first to citizens of that country, then to citizens of any other EU-member country. There are no bf/gf visas. You don't qualify for immigration. You're not going to Germany, unless you can afford an expensive European vacation, and you'll stay less than 90 days in the EU, whether you go to one EU country or a dozen.

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you need to talk to innnnigration about all this, you can always learn gernnan or get a job


Germany honestly isn’t a pleasant country. My family is French, portuguese and Spaniard. I spent lots of time in Europe and must say Germany is awful. Sweden and other countries speak far more English and provide several job opportunities. Germany should be awfully hard to adapt to especially if you have never been there before. I highly recommend you spending a little time there before ever moving there. But I can’t soeak for you everyone is different you may really enjoy it there. Many people there are not very social and strict to their own. If that suites you then it may be a better country for you then it is for me. I unfortunately can’t help as far as laws there go as I do not know exact specifics. But I’d assume it’s nkt terribly hard to immigrate there. Germany is a rich country in Europe and has been super helpful in building up the EU so they would be more willing to bring in immigrants than most countries I’d think.