U.S. Hispanics polled say no support for illegals, how does the left claim racism against illegals?


ibu guru

Legal immigrants are even more strenuously opposed to visa/immigration law violators than born-citizens are. It's extremely unfair & inequitable to the law-abiding, and even discriminates against the law-abiding!


Another phony poll, I live in a predominantly Hispanic area of central Texas, I know some that are 5th and 6 the generation and don't even speak Spanish but the majority are not against illegals.


As illegals are increasingly non-Hispanic and as once dependable Dem voting blocs like Hispanics and blacks are making difference choices, this trope that illegal immigration is a racial issue should start to fade. It's pretty obviously a class and economic issue first and foremost.


When reality does not meet the desired narrative, it can be conveniently ignored.


The left is only racist towards white people.


Because the REASON that non-Hispanics oppose illegals is because of the race of the illegals.


The do because they can. They can because they're at the top of the social food chain, if you will. There's no one to tell them that they're wrong except for republicans. And of course, when one party says that the other party is wrong, the other party will discredit their states saying things like "They're wrong because their from the other party." Democrats in office today are mainly, but not completely, globalists. And a key part of being a globalist means having open borders. Just take a look at what's been happening in Europe, specifically Germany and France these past 10-20 years. Globalism obviously does not work and it's being rejected by the people. But since it's back by numerous billionaires like George Soros (who's been funding the campaigns of many dems in this country), globalism isn't going to go away without a huge fight. Soros himself has more than $14 billion invested into the EU. There's an obscene amount of not just money, but POWER on the line here. And the democrats will do anything to get it as they're puppets of the globalist masters in Brussels and elsewhere. This is why they hate Trump; because he's a Nationalist and wants to take down globalism. Because of globalism, democrats like Pelosi and Schumer need to prevent The Wall from being built, even though they themselves votes for about 334 miles of it already. They need to stop Trump's nationalism agenda by any means necessary. And at times, that means making obviously false claims hoping that if they say it often enough, that people will believe them. Sorry for the rant.