Why are people not realizing without the border being fixed we might as well just let every single threat around the world into America?

I once watched a video of a dude walking across our border in a black robe carrying a fake head and no one stopped him as he entered into America.....America is not America unless we have some kind of a border to give border patrol an easier job....and without a border America is pretty much like a duck sitting on a fence waiting for a hunter to come along....if it was up to me America would have a prison wall all the way around it with Military Guns that shoot 10,000 rounds of Ammunition at anything that moves...we need a ******* border and anyone who disagrees pretty much does not want America to be safe. I will never trust democrats ever again after all of this we dont need a wall bullshit its the democrats that make money off of every dead American on the news


But we already do allow every threat in (and it's not like 9-11 hijackers sneaked across the border). There's little need to try to do it illegally when the US makes it so easy to do it legally. Some of those 9-11 terrorists even received automatic renewals for their student visas posthumously. Imagine what five bill might do to help update the systems we're supposed to have to track those who overstay visas.


What about the people that enter by plane or boat? Or are you going to build a bubble around the country?


Why do you think they go to the USA? Because the USA allows then to work, allows them to rent property and even at times forgives them by giving them citizenship or temp permission to stay like DACA or allows them to marry and AoS....... enforce your laws which stops all that and the majority will not bother trying to cross the border and many who are illegally there will not remain they will go home....... when will the USA learn to manage themselves and follow their own laws?


all illegals don't walk across the borders they come in they trunk of people cars and in the back of big rigs. when they drive so far across the border the driver let them out on side of the highway.


The thing I don't get about everyone panicking about being undefended is we are a powerful country. We can handle a little threat. The people who bombed the trade center weren't in MS13, and they weren't migrants looking for jobs. All the mass shooters were Americans. There is a threat, but ecoli is a bigger threat to our lives. Why not hire people at the FDA instead? Our boarder isn't perfect but it is secure enough to stop many threats. We should put time and effort into stopping threats that are actually more threatening, and there are many that have nothing to do with our boarder.


Why we don't listen to you OR your idiotic friends: Some (one, single) guy in a black robe walks across the border with a stage prop under his arm and YOU AREN'T SMART ENOUGH to get that there was a guy with a camera standing there filming it. Crawl back under yer rock and stay there.


No border, leave and try entering without a passport. Oh sure you can walk for miles in the desert avoiding rattlesnakes and people who want to rob you, easy peasy