Difference between migrant, immigrant and refugee?



A migrant is someone leaving their home country for a place to live and work. An immigrant is someone living in another country that was not their country of birth. A refugee is someone who has left their home country due to war, political unrest or serious threat to life in their home country. those are my best definitions. I hope they help. all the best

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Migrant: one who moves, which can be within their own country or to another country, and which may be a temporary move without legal permission to remain permanently. In current common usage, it usually refers to foreigners going to another country without any visa or legal permission to enter & remain in that country. Or it refers to temporary workers - e.g. "migrant workers" - for short-term/seasonal or other temporary work, which may be under a temporary employment visa, or may be illegal foreign workers without proper visas. Immigrant: a person who legally moves to another country with the intention of remaining in that country permanently. Refugee: a legal term under international law, and which can only be adjudicated by UNHCR for persons who have fled war or other disaster in their own country & have been residing in UNHCR refugee camps. If UNHCR determines there is no reasonable prospect for repatriating the people in the camps, they can assign refugee status & invite refugee-receiving nations to come into the camps & select those they are willing to accept for resettlement. The refugee-receiving country arranges the refugee's travel to the receiving country, provides legal documentation for them to stay in the country, and usually provides some form of temporary assistance such as job placement, help finding a temporary place to stay while they start working, etc. Asylum: people who flee imminent danger of persecution in their country & apply for protection at the nearest safe border. Currently much abused with violation(s) of international (UN) conventions, bogus stories, etc. About 95% of current asylum seekers are frauds, seeking easy entrance/access to another country with intent to remain illegally. And they often obfuscate the issue by calling themselves "refugees" when "refuge" and "asylum" are legally two different things.

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On its most basic level: choice. Migrants choose to come work. Immigrants choos to leave their country to live in another Refugees do not usually have a choice. They must leave their country usually because of displacement due to war.


The main difference is the choice. Simply put, immigrants are the ones they choose, and refugees are those who are forced to leave home.


A migrant is somebody who migrates to another country, but doesn't necessarily intend to stay permanently (e.g. a seasonal worker, etc.). An immigrant is somebody who migrates to another country, but who also intends to stay permanently (i.e., naturalize and become a citizen, or otherwise intends to just remain and permanently reside, whether or not it is deemed legal). And a refugee is also considered an immigrant, as they are usually seeking to permanently relocate somewhere else from whence they came, but are just a specific category or type of immigrant, who are generally seeking to permanently relocate for involuntary reasons, generally under asylum laws, which usually has a specific legal definition in order to qualify, but in layman's terms, and in the general sense, their reasons for migrating are usually because they felt they had no choice, (i.e., they were either forced to as a matter of life or death or severe oppression) opposed to having voluntarily chose to for other reasons.


Migrants move about without benefit of the legal process of immigration. They are most likely to be found migrating from one part of a country to another part of that same country. But can also cross international borders in an irregular fashion. An immigrant is one who undergoes the legal process of immigration. A refugee is one determined by the UNHCR to have a valid case for resettlement owing to displacement from their home country.


A migrant doesn't have to be going from one country to another. There are migrants who are citizens of the country they live in. "Migrant" just means moving around to work. Migrant workers go where there are crops to be picked, for example. Strawberry picking happens at a different time from tomato picking, which is a different time from wine grape picking. Migrant workers can go around within the same country to different places where crops are ready to be picked.


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Migrants are citizens of their own country migrating from one place to another, like going from another city to another region within the same country. Immigrants are people that leave their native homeland to settle in another nation. Refugees do not usually have a choice. They leave their country usually because of displacement due to war or religious persecution.


Migrants are legal, immigrants are illegal and refugees are terrorists the democrats want to put in your neighborhood