Are there still highwaymen? How much do they make per year?

This has everything to do with politics.


I got horsejacked just the other day.


In some places, yes, there are highwaymen. While traditional highwaymen (meaning bandits who rob travelers along a highway) are almost unheard of in the modern USA, travel in other parts of the world is far less safe, and you can be robbed or killed on the road by greedy or desperate people. How much they make? It depends on who they rob.


They don’t file tax returns so its difficult to say

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I'm pretty sure Adam and the Ants were the last of the dandy highwaymen (circa 1981)


again- this has nothing to do with politics.... why do you waste your time like this, kid?


Roma gypsies here in West Europe since the EU opened our borders to the East, they smash car windows and steal in traffic


Loads of them Taxmen, traffic wardens, accountants, solicitors......


Yes.... you'd have to ask those Venezuelan or Somali highwaymen though. I have no idea.

acid victim 25

Yes - - they all work on K St NW in Washington, DC Some make millions