Do citizens in northern states/North east not understand the situation on the southern border?

You won't recognize the problem until your kids start learning Spanish in grade school. Excuse me, I meant kids' kids.


the northeast is 100% liberal so they want the mexican invasion to continue because all liberals have a guilt complex about having a good life they already teach spanish in every grade along with communism


In most other countries, children do learn more than one language. The U.S. is possibly the only country that doesn't recognize that knowing only English is a problem. There are two problems, actually. One is that not enough Americans know other languages; more children need to learn another in grade school. The other is the lack of farm workers. You do not recognize the situation on farms, not just on the border, but everywhere in the U.S. The farms need more foreign workers and cannot produce as much food because of the labor shortage.


They largely do not. But just studying the European language of Spanish doesn't give anyone any insight at all as to the situation at the border.


I just moved back to Arizona after 15 years in New England. It's like living in Mexico now. WTF happened in the past 15 years?


We have drugs pouring in from Canada.


Kids n decent schools start learning foreign languages a lot earlier than that.


I would love for my children to learn Spanish. It's a job skill. I don't live in the north. I live near (but not in) the state of Alabama, where they made it mandatory for police to check the immigration status of everyone they stopped. As a result, immigrants (legal and not) cleared out, and the farmers have been having a terrible time ever since in finding people to work on their farms and harvest the crops.

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Americans have stopped learning things in grade school

legit commie

how is that a problem?


Why is learning a second language a problem