How to leave the Civil Air Patrol?

I joined the Civil Air Patrol a little over a month ago, and when I first joined it seemed like something I'd be interested in. But after having been to a few meetings, I've quickly come to regret joining CAP, and there here are a few reasons for that: 1. Although I'm not doing really anything right now in terms of school or a job (I've graduated already and my current workplace is closed for the season), I intend on picking up another job and getting more hours in, and CAP gets in the way of that. 2. CAP did seem a bit confusing at first, but after joining, I see that, at least my unit, is pretty disorganized. I have trouble finding any of the resources that they say I need and half the time I don't even know what it is I should be doing/bringing, and, as much as I'd like to ask, this comes into #3. The leadership at my unit does a good job at making you feel uncomfortable asking about any of the things you need. I'm pretty much laughed at by my CO for basically any question I ask, and he tends to make you feel like **** for basically everything. From my understanding, when you join CAP you've basically agreed to "serve" for at least a year. And as much as I'd love to just let my unit know I no longer wish to be apart of them, I can only imagine how poorly that conversation would go with my commander. Is there anyone else I can go to outside of my unit to let them know I no longer wish to be apart of CAP? And if not, what do I do? Thank you.


(8) Voluntary resignation. Individuals wishing to voluntarily resign their membership must resign in writing and sign the resignation request. E-mail resignations may be accepted as long as they are received from the individual member and include the member’s full name and CAPID. The signed resignation must be attached to the CAP Form (CAPF) 2B, Personnel Action Request-Termination of CAP Membership, submitted to National Headquarters Or, just don't show up. There is no legal obligation to attend functions.


Things are muddled at present. You could leave as there are more important loose ends to nail down first. If the USA government shutdown fails to fully recover you're safe from retribution. If not, the US Civil Air Patrol will see that their lost lamb has a commitment reinstated. You decide which one is best for your country and yourself.


Just write a letter to the commander stating that you are resigning. It's a voluntary organization.


After one outing I refused to attend anymore meetings. That was 55 years ago