Is communism loved and hated why?

I am not a communist, people that love it love it so much


I don't think it is loved, and it hasn't been tried on a national scale anywhere. People are for it because they hate capitalism - just like some like capitalism because they hated how thing were in the soviet union. Actual communism is a type of economy in which you work according to ability and receive according to need. The means of production are to be owned by the workers/people or their local democratic collectives.


It is because it is a very polarizing ideology, people either love it or hate...same as national socialism.People that advocate for either,tend to expect grace and favour if they are implemented.I postulate neither are good,and the people that follow them and believe in them think they will be above or avoid the implementations of their beliefs....its all about power and control,and those that facilitate it will be given special rights.Never forget that.Every far left and right belief system dangles the carrot out for everyone.... But don't over look it is hanging from a stick,to beat you down with.


Rich capitalists love communism and claim to rely purely on communism. (American manufacturers have everything manufactured in communist China so they can sell it back home for 5000 times more than they paid to have communists manufacture it for them.)


Its just hated. Look at Cuba.