When will these Trump supporters finally accept the fact they got, well, as Trump would say, schl0nged, in the midterm election?

If you don't control the House, everything else is irrelevant.


The house will not be able to pass anything without the senate. The senate however is charged with appointing new supreme court justices. Ginsburg isn't looking too healthy is she? Nothing has as much a long term impact as the high court does.

Proud Deplorable

Holding the senate is way more important than holding the house... And it's not like we were expecting Reps to win the house anyway. In fact, Reps lost less seats than expected.


Support your President go go back to where you belong.

The Game

LOL and the stupid libs forget the three branches of government. Thanks to public schools, people like you continue to spew stupidity.


Obama and Bill Clinton both lost more seats than Donald Trump first term midterms


the Senate confirms appointments and ratifies treaties


Actually, the party in power nearly ALWAYS loses seats in the House during mid-term elections. Look at the history of previous elections. The Republicans lost the FEWEST seats in the House since the 1970's and they actually GAINED seats in the Senate. Several RINO Senators were defeated and more loyal Republicans were seated. Democrats will have a very small majority in the House when they come back in January, but they can't pass any laws without the approval of the Senate AND the President. The Government is STILL firmly in the hands of the Republicans.

Philip H

The House does the Budget. Money is Power. You are partly correct. Let's watch Nancy and Maxine screw up the economy and blame it on Trump.


Don't worry, he still has a phone and pen.


Trump routinely schl0ngs his supporters. That's why they act so butt-hurt all the time.


It is??? If you don't control the senate and the presidency you are irrelevant. just what do you think the house can do by itself other than investigate nothing?

W.T. Door

Silly foreign troll is repeating the talking points they got from MSNBC.


Hillary shillary dock. The witch from down the block. She lies and schemes, with Slick Willie on her team. And she smells like a dirty sock.


One way or another, it was a reflection on his poor leadership and how many do not accept his form of leadership. He admitted it himself.

Mr Pottimus

Harry Reid taught America different, are you that young that you forgot...


The Senate is just as relevant as the House.


Democrat have no brains to run anything


Good question, considering how much that they enjoy a good shl0ng.