What does the Taliban in Afghanistan want?

My brother has done a couple of tours in Afghanistan and the majority of the locals he met fear the Taliban. He also witnessed the aftermath where an insurgent drove a car bomb into a school killing scores of innocent children, then insurgents gunned down the survivors. What are they doing?


The Taliban have there own ideas of ISLAM. They take what is written in the Quran Literally. There are over 130 Verses in the Quran Calling for the Death on Non-Believers. Also there are TWO Branches of ISLAM which are at war with Each other.


the taliban are power-crazy extreme-fanatics. while such an extreme religious view might be considered a psychosis in an educated environment, in afghanistan it is machiavellianism supported by a narcissistic-religious belief. such un-reasoning inhumane behavior can only be considered "evil"; if the taliban call that islam, then it is islam that is evil.


Total power.


They want everybody to live by their very strict interpretation of the Koran.


they can win. and they will when we leave. but so what?-Osama is dead. We have to stop pushing democratic ideals on cultures that dont want it


The Taliban hold extremist Muslim views If you do not believe as they believe, or do as they demand -- you are an enemy of both them and God . It's their way -- or no way


to rule the world and kill all non-Muslims ..................................


They want to establish an Islamic State in Afghanistan under the governance.


They think education is evil and that children who get an education should be killed.


Well, basically they're a pack of gutless c***s.

Spock (rhp)

the Taliban are trying to seize power over everyone else in Afghanistan. it's what fanatic movements do


every guerrilla war looks uncivilized to the matured and superior forces that are in opposition. but please recall that the exact same kind of awe and repulsion existed when patriotic colonial rebels would exact treasonous and 'evil' guerilla tactics upon the British regulars prior to and during the revolutionary war. vietnamese opposition by Viet Cong was similarly repulsive, but it was effective. go back further to the Scots Jacobite rebellions, or to Gengis Khan. It's always the same, so don't be surprised or unhappy about it now, and don't try to take some moral high road. killing is killing, and it is always ugly and uncivil