What do you think about this politician?

there is a politician in a country where he was imprisoned because of quoting the holy book of muslims. Yes the majority of the people in the country is muslim and he is a christian. he did not say that is disrespectful about the holy book. he quoted the holy book to make a point that any religion can vote for him in the future including the muslim. he is in jail now. he was sentenced in jail for 2 years. while he was in jail, he got divorced with his christian wife. the reason, his wife was shopping with a ex-lover in another country. he is about to get out of jail in a week and he was planning to marry a muslim woman. I have no idea why he would marry a muslim woman. is it because he wants people to vote for him because he is converting to islam? what da ya think about this politician? do you think he is marrying a muslim woman because he wants people to vote for him?

Spock (rhp)

i choose my politicians for the policies and programs, not for their religion. since you said nothing about that, i have no useful opinion


What do I think? I think he is selling out, and that theocracies need to be abolished.