Why are countries so competitive when it comes to IQ? First of all they're going by average IQ and it's not significant unless in a 3rd?

world country. I think the average IQ in the U.S is 100 and we're like 40th place or something. But Singapore is 1st place and they're only at 108. Ohh such a huge difference, why do people care so much?


Time and time again IQ has been shown to not be a factor in achieving a successful life.


i dont think you know how the IQ system works, kid


In a way, it's a mini war. If your stronger physically or mentally, you have bragging rights, and feel better as a collective than others.


You should ask a teacher. My guess is that a teacher can tell the difference in abilities of students with an IQ difference of 5 points. For example, engineers start at about 120 and doctors at about 130, and genius at 140. Most people do not know of anyone being a genius.