Why can't everybody just understand that the US has to do everything it can to help the starving people in the world?



There were starving people when I was a kid. The global population has more than tripled in my lifetime. That trend simply can't continue indefinitely. As long as the outcome of feeding poor, starving people is the creation of even more poor, starving people, I can't see this ending well. . .


How about just the starving people in Oakland California living under the freeway


Why can't your GOD-creature do something? He caused it, right?


We do understand that. What we don't understand is why aren't we doing it.


we can not afford to feed our own peoples, we will pray for you. that is all anyone should ask of us, and that is all we should do. just throwing american money at foreign countries does not work. foreign countries do have rich people in their own countries. let them help their own poor. overpopulation can not be stopped by the USA, each country must deal with its own problems. the other countries in the world are "not" the responsiblity of the united states. this is why we have a "united nations" which provides answers for all of these "starving" countries you are talking about. there are other countries in the world which have the money to invest. the USA can not afford to buy-friends, when it does not even feed its own peoples.


Like WHAT? Stop owning cars, stop smoking, go vegetarian/vegan (parttime or fulltime), stop replacing electronic devices all the time, make multinational corporations pay decent prices for the products and services of poor countries...


Why is it the USs responsibility?


Ok, i hand it over, all to the US government. They (tv stations) are showing the same types of images and stories on tv that they were showing us in school years and years ago, and NOTHING has changed! Are you sure all, or ANY, money is going to where it is supposed to be going?? I feel sorry for all the people starving to death, but how about educating them a little bit about BIRTH CONTROL..!? Stop bringing kids into such a desolate and dire situation, thinking 'it will be better for them'. Well it ISN'T, and it HASN'T BEEN, so birth control and education has to be the ONLY answer and way to fix this problem. So, ALL YOURS, AMERICA. It's all up to YOU, and the whole world will be watching..!!

The First Dragon

Only the US? And what, exactly, would help the starving people? What is causing people to starve? What actions would correct the issue? Is it land mines in the fields, so they can't safely grow crops? Civil war? Bad weather? Crime? Other causes? If you do something - for instance, donating money - how do you know the people you give it to are really helping the starving people? 1] Do they actually know how? 2] Do they actually have the capability? 3] Are they reliable? It's a lot more complicated than it sounds.


So what do YOU do to help starving people? Do you volunteer to feed the homeless? You give all your money to food banks? We have starving people in this country. Until YOU do something you have no right to tell others what they should do.


You seem to think Monsanto and the US have the same goal.....

Corvus Blackthorne

Because 20% of the human population is consuming 80% of the world's resources, and that 20% is perfectly comfortable with that.