Can i quit my job by not showing up?

(please read the whole thing) I got a job at a pizzeria and I just can't do it. I went for training 2 times and did fine but i dont think i can go back. I mean the job itself is simple, but i have an eating disorder and horrible insecurities so the fact that they make all the girls wear fitted, tight (and i mean a 1 size smaller than you actually are tight) shirts is not good for me. I've been crying every night because of me having to wear this shirt, and i know it sounds stupid. Other than that, the pay is $9/hr off the books while minimum where i live is 15 so i can do better. I've also heard that some of the guys there are pigs and grope the girls occasionally and when i asked the girl training me if that was true, she made one of those faces that made it seem true. I was also sexually assaulted before and i can't be around that in a tiny pizzeria. My shift today is at 11 (when they open) and i dont have the managers number so i can't call beforehand. They didn't even tell me what time im off, i dont even know if im still in training. Can I just not show up? I would feel bad doing this cause normally I am very respectful and responsible but i just can't seem to find the courage to go. The only thing im worried about is the fact that I might screw them up since im not sure if theyll be another girl working the same shift. (but i guess even if thats the case, its Monday around noon, not necessarily their most busy time)


Yes, yes you could. And it is a Good Choice quit; but not the way to do it. Not showing up is called "Abandoning" the job. Just call the boss and say you have other better prospects. You do not need the personal number of the Boss, Just call the Store and ask for the boss, Leave a Message. Working "off the books" would have cheated you, more than the Government avoidance of Income Taxes. 1. No FICA contribution by the employer, lowers your average pay for retirement (so many years from now.) 2. No Unemployment Coverage, the boss will not be paying into the Unemployment Insurance plan. 3. No Medical or Workman's Compensation Payments, if you got injured on the job you would be out of luck twice. Since you were not Legally Hired, do not list this job on any applications for work. That is Unless you do get a valid Pay Check for time worked in training.


No, but you can get fired by not showing up.


you are an at-will employee. This means that you can quit for any reason or no reason at all with or without notice. and in turn they can fire you for any reason with or without notice as long as its not discrimination. If you want to burn that bridge and dont intend to list them as references anyway, it doesnt matter much. But you will face no legal trouble for simply dissappearing off the job.


Just call them and tell them you found another job and you won't be coming back. You've only worked there for 2 days, so there's no need to give them notice. Should take you 5 minutes. However, unless you're getting paid everyday, you probably won't get paid for the two days of training.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

yes Bit of a ***** move though.

Mike L

That's how I quit one years ago.


At least have the courage to write an exit letter explaining why you're leaving the job. Use any excuse you want.


It will reflect on you for any other work you apply for, that you quit by no show and not trying to get in touch......... nothing stops you phoning and telling them rather than not showing up as you know where the place is.... as for your mental health issues you can do something about those and the first place to start is to see your own doctor

Pascal the Gambler

You can, but it's very unprofessional.


No, but doing so would result in you getting fired. You may not have the manager's number but chances are he shows up well before opening, give the pizzeria a call and if he is not there, leave a message.

Ackiller J

Don't ruin your clean record as a respectful and responsible person.


Thats not quitting. If you don't turn up, you're still an employee, but they will fire you. Being fired is different from quitting, and can have very different consequences for you.