Can I be charged with a crime?

After an affair with a married women ,her husband found out and demanded she file for a protection order and told her what to write . She admitted to me in text that she knew she lied and filed for a false protection order , the judge told her three times if she went ahead with it that he had to report it as perjury , she did request the order be dismissed. In the course of this affair , she bought a house and agreed to pay the bills if I said nothing , she bought me a car and gave me had written notes that are singed and dated where she states she will pay me 100,000 over time . I bought the house from her . After she filed the false documents to get a protection order ,I told that I am considering legal action against both of them , In return they have threatened to go to police and have me charged for extorsion . Not sure what to make of it , she wrote the notes ,she signed them , personally think her notes equal a contract . Yes she gave me money , I also gave her money . Can they have me charged ?? If your comments are right , why did the judge dismiss her protection with prejudice ? She admitted she was forced to do it and what to write .


Give me her number. I also want a house, a car and cash.


In any case, I think that you ALL ARE IN ONE HECK OF A MESS.


FLAT OUT LIE. If the judge believed she lied in the application, merely retracting the statement wouldn't be anywhere CLOSE to enough to dismiss the criminal charges against her AND him. That said, this question is a CONFESSION to extortion.

real estate guy

of course they can.


Better Call Saul. The legal advice you get here is worth exactly what you pay for it.