Don't you think it's annoying when pro-choicers say "men have control over their own bodies" since that's not exactly true?

1. Boys are often circumcised against their will without basic topical anesthesia. (and yes it's not technically the government that forces this happen, although the government does ALLOW this to happen.) 2. Males are required to register for selective service for the purpose of potentially being FORCED TO DIE OVERSEAS (and this one is forced directly by the government). Yeah I know there's no draft currently but that is precisely the PURPOSE of this registration; is it not?

Anonymous: If your body amounts to life, yes

If your body amounts to life, yes: 93% of all work related deaths are male, and 97% of all combat deaths are male. This despite the fact the draft was abolished because it increased opposition to war, too many soy boys did not ant to be drafted, thus the protests. When feminists bash males, I always ask, Should the men of the Titanic taken seats in lifeboats in lieu of women?


Your analogies are moot, because neither circumcision nor enlisting in the military have nothing to do with birth control, which is what pro-choice is about.

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Either way still the mom's choice. Has a lot to do with infection. As of the draft. Men doesn't have a choice. So babies and men have no say.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

"not technically the government." And by this you mean "not the government at all." As for the draft get back to us if the draft is ever used again, because odds are, the Republicans will be the ones fighting to exempt women, while Democrats will be saying "yes draft women as well." Hypothetical drafts? Blaming the government for not making circumcision illegal? Get a job hippy and stay off online forums.


Right. Also men are forced to pay for child support if his child is born against his will. If woman wants to keep the baby but the man does not want, only the woman should be obligated to pay for the child support. Currently that is not the case. Feminism is all about special rights for women......

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This is sort of a victim narrative.