IF now as TOLD, all living Whites are guilty for 'slavery' that ended over 160 years ago (in the USA anyway) and had nothing to do with?

shouldn't all the LIVING family members of a black that robed, tortured, raped and murdered a 15 year White girl in Memphis just 4 years ago also be guilty for that, even though they had nothing to do with that?


It's true. We should all feel guilty and responsible for the sins of our ancestors whether it be slavery, war, rape, corruption, murder, or support for a failed cause -- even though we have no way to go back and change what happened and had no personal involvement. We just need something to feel guilty about and for others to make us feel guilty about.


Good logic


no, they shouldnt be guilty if they had nothing to do with it


Sometimes I wonder what country you live in that you are so surrounded by "Whites are responsible for all slavery". The only place I ever hear it is here! LOL


All Democrats are guilty for slavery but yet the majority of blacks vote Democrat by a wide margin. Democrats are a pestilence on society.


Non whites invented slavery yet blame whites for it. Non whites are so stupid. I'm so glad the U.S. bombed millions of terrorists/middle easterners/Mudslimes. I'm glad 95% of Redskins were turned into maggot food. I'm glad that terrorist/Muslim omar Mateen killed 49 wet backs.