Is partial disability benefits for people with health issues that make them miss /some work/?

I have idiopathic epilepsy, which basically means I have small seizures very frequently and larger seizures periodically. My boss does not allow me to miss work when I have a big seizure, telling me I'm using it as a crutch when in fact I'm not even legally supposed to be driving to and from work, or for work, because I've passed out in the past 6 months. I have tried searching for partial disability, because I do NOT need full benefits, just enough so that when I'm unable to come into work I'll still be able to pay my bills (last time I tried to leave early - around 2PM - because of a seizure I almost lost my job - don't tell me it's illegal, the circumstances are difficult). The BIG problem is that I get paid cash, so I can't prove that I have a job? Ifigure this means I can't do anything but I can't find answers online. Please help if you can :)


you need to talk to your doctor about that

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Not being able to drive to work? Not an actual viable excuse for missing work. Oh and if your'e working under the table, nobody cares about you, because you didn't pay a dime into social security.