If you’re at the age of dropping out (16 in North Carolina), can your parents getin trouble for missing some school?

I missed 9 days of school last semester due to not feeling well, but if I missed a few more days, would my mom or dad get in trouble? Could your parents get in legal trouble even if you’re at the age of being able to drop out?

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Yes Local laws vary. You're enrolled and just skipping school.


Some school districts have school attendance officers that will come to check up on you and see what is wrong. They do call on parents.


Yes it is possible they could be held criminally responsible if the 16 year old is arrested for truancy, and civilly liable for registering the 16 year old in school at the beginning of the year if the student was not unenrolled as a student.


You can drop out of school at 16 but you have to go to the office to unenroll. At 16 you can actually do whatever you want and your parents can’t stop you. The law can so at least be mature enough to decide whether or not you are ready for autonomy. The only thing you can’t do at 16 is leave the state without parental permission... You are still underage. You can leave home if you have a safe environment to move to but your parents can’t stop you from leaving the house to go where you want. They can just make your life a living hell until you move out if you want to pull the dick card. I already researched all of this when my daughter turned 16 then let her know what powers she had. She has yet to use those powers.


No. I live in NC too and once you are 16 you no longer legally have to go to school. Dumb idea to drop out, though.

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Yes. I will throw stones at your parents for allowing you to drop out of school.

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You cant drop out until 18. Yes, you and your parents get in trouble for yoi being truant.