Is it illegal to combine 2 sauces and sell it as your own creation?

2 different sauces. Like for example you go buy Newman's Ranch and combine it with Baby Jane's BBQ, and sell the end result product as your own.


LOL!!! Yes it's illegal but not in the criminal manner, rather in the civil tort litigation manner. Trademarks/Copyrights/Licenses/Patents all come with a standard requirement of not maintaining an already T/C/L/P'd item. If your product reaches or passes a specified percentage of "copied" material, then you automatically qualify to be sued and your item cannot be sold as yours. And mind you, that % overlap is around 7-9% What your talking about, is literally taking something that is 100% someone else's creation and combining it with another unit that is 100% someone else's creation.......meaning you are already at a 100% IP infringement level. Look I'm not trying to be arrogant, but for your sake please do not go by the word of armchair idiots who sum up their response to a legal question with "I believe you can". You wouldn't bet your bank account on that word any more than you'd bet your freedom to a defense attorney on that same sort of response.


I think the manufacturers of the original sauces can sue you, and possibly win; but I don't think it is actually a crime. But you had best ask a lawyer. (I have to say, that's a GOOD question!) Cheers. +++++


Yes, as long as you list the two sauces that you use on the label.

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Sure What do you think Buffalo Wing sauce is?


Not if your fully disclose it to the buyer and honor the trademarks of each sauce manufacturer.

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That depends on which two.

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Yea, you can do that. In fact, technically it's done all the time in restaurants. On a practical note, your not going to do that. Because it's too expensive. Instead you would hire a chef who would then come up with your own recipe that would basically be the same as the two sauces. And if your doing it on a large scale, the sauce company will want to know why your ordering truck loads. Let's use a real world example. Let's say you use sugar in your product. The sugar company has people who can help you. They can help you with things like how much sugar your product should use. They can answer any chemical questions about sugar.


I thing Its not legal, but you could to thins !!! I think you can find a gredients from both sources make them from scratch and then mix them up!!



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I don't know the business law particulars. But thousand island dressing is a sort of mix of two sauces, Ketchup and Mayo with a little bit of sweet relish. And seafood sauce is two sauces: Ketchup and Horseradish sauce. Don't add any spices, you will ruin it.


I believe you can.