Should a person plead guilty for non intentional DUI?

I have a date coming up phone litigation I am wondering if I should change my plea to guilty. I would not have intended to drive and I believe my ex kicked me out of his place and told me to leave. Should I notify beforehand the "prosecutor" or court assistant guilty or leave as not guilty and explain why? I don't have an attorney for this case.


Plead guilty and save the expense of an attorney. Your intoxication and decision to drive was voluntary. Mitigating circumstances will make not one bit of difference. You could accidentally shoot yourself, and try to drive yourself to a hospital as the only possible way to get there to save your own life and not beat a DUI rap.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No such thing as a "non-intentional" DUI. You chose to drive. Nobody cares what excuse you now claim.


You need a lawyer. Simple as that.


no. no one intends to get a dui. that won't work. even though you were kicked out, you could have sat in your car until you sobered up or had someone come get you.


Does ANYONE ever get an intentional DUI? All they care about is they caught you DUI. If they did a breath or blood test proving it then they got you. You will get a far less severe penalty if you plead guilty and take your punishment than if you deny it up one side and down the other and drag it all out and thru the court.