Was prison meant to be a slower painful execution?


Uncle Pennybags: No. Prison serves two functions

No. Prison serves two functions: 1. It keeps the criminals away from the rest of us, so they cannot victimize regular folks. 2. It punishes the criminals in hopes of dissuading them from re-offending.

Pascal the Gambler



You are in fact right. I have long thought that locking up a man of say 30 years of age for life (maybe lives to 80) would be about the worst thing you could do to someone. Reminds me of a SiFi movie I once saw where a guy who was going to live for ever got caught in a space craft that had no power. Forever he would fly through empty space.


No, just a cheap, easy place to put criminals.


We all make our own prisons!


No. I fully support the death penalty and believe that it should be expanded to punish crimes such as Human Trafficking, Rape, crimes against children, Drug Smuggling, kidnapping and in some cases embezzlement but some methods of the past such as cyanide chambers were a bit too cruel.

Big One 0909

No, it is supposed to be a deterrant for breaking the law.


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