What would America be like if we did this?

Anyone caught molesting children or dna evidence proving that they did would get executed with no trial, no jury, and straight to public execution. Execution would be done by firing squad or electric chair depending on how the person doing the execution feels . My dad thinks it is a good idea and he is smart and sells real estate


it’s a fairly good idea but there could be a case where someone was accused of it but that someone did not really commit the act, and some being innocent generally, their lives get taken for something they didn’t do. but yes, any other way they should get excecuted

Justin Thyme


Fried Kitten

YOUR DAD IS A MORON (1) Firstly, selling real estate does not require a person to be smart. Being a successful real estate sales person/broker requires motivation; not intelligence. (2) Secondly, you can’t just rely on DNA without trial or jury because if authorities or lab technicians inten- tionally misappropriate DNA evidence, or, errors occur and DNA evidence becomes mixed up then, the wrong people can be put to death. The defendant’s lawyer must be able to present evidence of his client’s innocence just in case the system screwed up the DNA as I described above. (3) Conclusively, your dad is certainly no genius. Don’t let him turn you into an idiot.


Oh, oh! <Raises hand, waves in air.> Can I sign up to be one of these roaming, government-approved executioners? I have a professional rival at work, and I'd like to eliminate him without having to deal with even a kangaroo court. Wait, did someone just knock at your door?


I understand the sentiment, but our laws and constitution guarantees everyone the right of due process. When we decide that those laws don’t apply to everyone equally, then where do we stop?