Why was nobody charged for this massacre in 1979 North Carolina?

The Greensboro massacre killed 5 and wounding 10 others. They even caught it on tape. Here's the video of the shooting! https://youtu.be/1PETYo0sa5M

Atheist Dude

IDK ask the FBI


What do you expect from Democrats?


you fooled them all . they have short memories . that was a made up story .


You're asking why the KKK would get away with killing people in the south in the 70's...? Well they had an entirely white jury, and (shockingly) the people of S. Carolina were supportive of their fellow white people.


If you're a Communist you don't goddamn march and protest in North Carolina at the height of The Cold War.


It was 40 years ago. It's ancient history. Who cares?

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

local cops covered up the identities.