How do I appeal to this ticket? Also will my points still go up even if the charges had nothing to do with how I was driving?

I got busted with a broken headlight on the front passengers side. I didn't know about this until they pulled me over so I have no idea how long its been like that. Also they busted me for not carrying a registration, idk why I couldn't find it.


You had a busted headlight and you didn't have your registration...what is to appeal?


Appeal, you have not been convicted yet! You go to court, (don't pay the fine yet) 1. Talk to the prosecutor before arraignment .S/he can drop the charge 2. At arraignment you (if the prosecutor did not agree) plead Not Guilty. Everything is automatic then. You get your Attorney and move on, proving the charges are not correct. [Spending a thousand or more to save a 100$ infraction) 3. Pay the Fine and court costs to be done with it. Now, the problem is yours (like everybody else's) is you did not Inspect your vehicle before taking it on the Road. Believe it or Not every driver is supposed to do that. Nobody does. No conviction, no points. Unless you have a very predatory Insurance company, or are lackadaisical a point or two should be no worry.


You CAN'T appeal anything until you are convicted. You have ZERO grounds to contest the ticket. MOST states don't assess points for equipment violations. That said, if you have to ASK what earns points, you SHOULD take a driver education course.


No they won't affect points as they are not driving infractions.

Justin Thyme

You cannot appeal it.