Is it still true that prisoners hate pedophiles and make their lives a miserable hell?

I know YEARS AGO people would say its true but I was wondering if prisoners have a moral code to destroy all pedo's.


yes, and even by some officers


They are certainly at the bottom of the "pecking order" and most liable to be attacked. And the average prisoner is unable to distinguish between paedophiles and other sex offenders, such as those who raped adults. Which is why, at least here in the UK, there are prisons that specialise in sex offenders and those who can be trusted to be sensible around them. Keeping all the "Vulnerable Prisoners" together makes everyone's life easier. Violent idiots can be with other violent idiots in the other prisons, it concentrates the problem and prisons can focus on having more officers where the violent idiots are. On that point, we even have differences between wings in the same prison. You start in the induction wing, officers observe what you're like and decide from that where you should go afterwards. I was in a low-security prison where they soon recognised I'm not violent and don't want to have any trouble, so they put me on a wing with the "lifers". Very sensible - any murderer who's worked their way down to being there by behaving well just wants a quiet life, do their time and get parole as soon as they can, LOL I was in a cell between a murderer who'd already done 20 years and a burglar, and I liked the murderer more! I googled the burglar a few years later after he'd been released and yep, he'd been caught doing it again. Twerp. Meanwhile, nobody tells other prisoners what you've done. And sometimes the idiot ones make assumptions and attack who they THINK is a paedophile even when they aren't.


It is true that certain sex offenders are looked down on in prison. There is now entire blocks of prison devoted to people that have sexually offended they have their own yard time and they have their own cafeteria time. They're kept out of general population for the most part.


People say a lot of things. That doesn't mean what they say was ever true. NOTHING they say about prisoners is universally true. Even the claim all prisoners have been convicted of a crime has exceptions.


Sure. Look what happened to Dahmer.


Criminals understand true perversion better than most. Gays, peds, bi's, etc.

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Not really, or at least not that often. In America, most prisoners don't even know what others have been charged with. Also, a "pedophile" can be defined as an 18-year old having consensual sex with a 15-year old girl, so unless one knows the details, they don't necessarily assume a rape of a nine-year old (like what Mohammed did). And then there's the recognition that even if one finds out another prisoner has been charged with such a crime, there's the definite possibility that the offender is NOT guilty, but chose to sign for a two-year prison sentence rather than face a possible life sentence by going to trial. Prisoners know that happens all the time, and therefore are not prone to rush to judgments. Such judgments require a faith in our judicial system, which most probably don't have. Last, because of court rulings against "Cruel and Unusual Punishment", if a prison isn't watching out for the safety of prisoners, it can get its butt sued off. Stuff like you see in "The Shawshank Redemption" is very, very rare, and guards would get into trouble for harming prisoners like that.

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Prison is a place where people think it can get no worse so their desire to murder gets played out instead of staying hidden in society. There are many ways to murder