How many/percent of ex students end up get banned from enter college/university property?

Trying to get an idea in general in numbers. I know it's different for each college but if any of you work at college as security or judicial for school then you should know how many I mean around percentage out of per thousand students per college.  Example: first small college I went, it only has 900 students, in first year I only know two who got banned and cannot be on college property again order by college police department. Only reason I know two is because one of them is my roommate, second is roommate's friend who not student but end up got arrested with my roommate.  Second college I went is has 13000 students, I only know 4 of them because they live on same residences building as I do and I saw police arrested him for visiting college because he got banned a week earlier but got arrested. I live on huge building, but that's only first year. But thats only one building hold 800, but there's 13,000 students and there is many building I don't know about.  So do you have any idea how many got banned and cannot touch college property anymore cuz of their misconduct? Maybe 1 out of 200? Or not even that m

Spock (rhp)

don't know of any place that aggregates such statistics

Pascal the Gambler

A very small percent


* Asterisk is the symbol used to indicate an amount too small to be statistically relevant.

Lone Cat

I don't think anyone is tracking those kind of numbers.

Michael E

The Cleary act requires that each college keep statistics like this. Contact the police departments from each college to find out their numbers.

Rosalie: It's the Clery Act: https

It's the Clery Act: