What are the chances of me going to prison?

Hi everyone, please no judgment. I'm actually freaking out about this. Friday night I got pulled over for speeding but I was smoking a joint so obviously got arrested. I only had half a joint left and that was all the weed I'd had in my car, but I had a lot of paraphernalia (bongs and bowls). I was charged with possession of cannabis, having paraphernalia, and just keeping all that in my car was it's own charge. I'm 20 and this was my first time being arrested or having any kind of trouble with the law. I was released on a bond but now I have a court date in March and I'm terrified I'm gonna be sent to prison since my third charge, keeping the stuff in my car ("keeping public nuisance structure for drug"), is a felony. Can anyone tell me what the chances are of them actually sending me to prison? Has anyone been in this boat before or similar? Again, please no judgment. I don't need to hear how stupid I am. Please just help! I live in Florida

New World Man

You really do need to be speaking to a lawyer on that one, I am sure there is going to be a lot of varuables there. I don't see why all that stuff in your car, but I would say that's most likely more of an issue than the weed itself (that and DUI) but laws are complex, so you really need someone that deals with it everyday.


You just became a money cow for Judge Pimp to milk. Heavy fine. Unless you can not pay. Then a short time in prison. The cops will now look at you as there personal coin purse. So once you pay expect to be stopped often for more coin for there judge.


Talk with your attorney or public defender.


If you are black, you will probably go to prison. If you are white, it will probably be reduced to a misdemeanor with a small fine. if you are brown, they'll probably deport you to Mexico, no matter what your nationality is.


Strange that you would ask here instead of asking your lawyer.


Ask your lawyer But I say good chance you do jail time


You will likely get at least 6 months.